Various Options You Can Consider as Covers for Your Patio

If you have sufficient space in your yard, you should consider having a patio installed. Not only are patios great for entertainment, but they also provide you with the option of al fresco living with your family. This means you get the chance to enjoy the summer months outdoors without having to leave the comfort of your residence. However, the summer months do tend to get sweltering, and spending time on your patio with insufficient shade can become uncomfortable. Here are some of the various options of patio covers you can get from patio builders.


Pergolas are structures that consist of columns, purlins and rafters affixed onto your patio. Having a patio builder install one of these gives you the impression of being in an outdoor room complete with an open sky view. As such, you get to feel at one with the outdoors without necessarily being completely exposed to the elements. One thing to note, though, is that pergolas can be heavy maintenance, especially if you opt for organic materials such as wood. If you would like your pergola to be convenient, it would be best to inquire about low-maintenance options from your patio builders. These could include materials such as fibreglass columns, acrylic and more.

Lattice covers

A common misconception that people have is that lattice structures and pergolas are one and the same. The difference is that lattice structures consist of thinner pieces and tend to be less intricately designed as compared to pergolas. When you opt for a lattice covering for your patio, it will look more like a rectangular-shaped structure, whereas pergolas can be in different styles. One of the more popular options when it comes to the materials that lattice structures are made from is wood. If you would like a durable cover that does not require much maintenance, then cedar would be a good option for your lattice cover.

Shade sails

Another option that is gaining traction for homeowners looking to cover their patios are shade sails. These covers are made from fabric connected to guide wires that are installed on your patio. They come in a range of colours, hence making them a great option for homeowners who would like to add a pop of colour to their patio. Take note, though, that when the patio builders install your shade sails, you should have them pitched. This ensures that rainwater will not begin to pool in the middles of the sails, as this would cause the shade sails to become damaged before their time.