How to Prepare the Workplace For Renovations

If you have an outdated building, you might be interested in having it renovated. Whether you are simply painting the exterior or are making major renovations, it helps to get the workplace prepared for it first. Here are some things you should do before you start renovations.

Renovate One Area at a Time

When you are planning on a larger renovation, you can't very well shut down business for weeks or months while it is being completed. A better option is to work with the contractors and decide on certain smaller areas of the renovation that can be done before moving onto the next. This allows you to have the majority of your building or store open while renovations are being done in another, smaller section. For the times when renovations require the full use of the building at once, such as painting the exterior, have the contractors work on it in the evenings, early morning, or over the weekend when you're closed.

Keep Employees in a Different Work Zone

Make sure your employees are not working in a renovation zone or anywhere near it. This can sometimes be difficult, depending on what types of remodeling you are doing. If you can't find a suitable alternative office space for some employees, see if it is plausible to have them work from home. For example, some of your administrative staff might do the majority of their work on the computer and phone. They can set up a workspace in their own home office or living room and get work done there until renovations are complete. This keeps them safe from the danger zone and keeps your business running smoothly.

Prepare Alternative Entrance and Parking Options

Another issue with renovating a commercial building or storefront is that it might make it difficult for people to find adequate parking or might block the main entrance. You may need to make other arrangements so your employees can get into the office area or warehouse without using the main entrance if it is being remodeled. This may mean opening up a side or back door, with proper security of course. If part of the renovations include fixing the asphalt car park, you might have issues with parking. Try to work with the other businesses in your area and see if you can get temporary use of their car parks.

Rent a Skip Bin

When you start completing renovations, you will be left with a lot of waste. This waste needs to go to the local dump, but getting it there might prove to be difficult. One of the best things you can do is hire a skip bin. This is a dumpster that will be placed in front of your building, where you will load waste and have it hauled away after you are done with the renovations. While a contractor would have their own dumpster, you may be doing some of your own renovations, which requires you to rent one on your own. Make sure if some remodeling is in the landscaping of your property, you get a skip bin only meant for lawn and yard waste. You can contact a bin hire company to make sure you get the right type and size.