3 Important Features to Look for When Buying a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors are great to have in homes because they allow light and air to come through, but they also prevent burglars from coming in. If you are looking for a security screen door to purchase for your home, you will find a lot of different ones to choose from. To get the best one, you should find one that has the following three important features.

The Right Material

These doors are made with aluminum, metal, or steel. Choosing one made of steel is the best option because steel is stronger than metal alloys and aluminum. Steel doors may be slightly higher in price, but they offer the best protection for your home. A steel-framed door may be the best option, but you will also have options when it comes to the grilles inside the door.

A security screen door contains grilles so that air can flow through and so you can see out of the door, and the grilles must be burglar-proof. If they are made of enforced steel, it will be difficult for a person to get through them.

Reliable Hinges

One of the ways intruders get inside homes is by prying doors open, and they often go straight to the lock or hinges to do this. The hinges on a door can offer security benefits for a home, but they can also offer options for intruders. As you look for a door for your house, look for one that has:

  • Three or more hinges
  • Pins in the hinges that you cannot take out
  • A fixed pin made of steel

A Strong Lock

The lock on the door you choose will also have an impact on the safety provided by the door. While you can replace the lock if you want a stronger one, it's better to find a door that already has a super-strong lock. A lock that is strong will be nearly impossible for an intruder to open with a pry bar, screwdriver, or any other type of tool.

The lock should be one that is equal or greater to a five-pin cylinder lock. In addition, you can add a deadbolt to the door to increase its function.

Getting a security screen door might help you feel safer in your home, but the safety of the door relies on its quality. Spending a little more will help you get a stronger door, and this will help prevent intruders from getting in. To learn more, contact a company such as Max Security Doors & Screens that sells security screen doors. Once you select one, the company can install it for you.