Maintenance Tasks That Go Into a Roller Door Service

One of the largest movable parts of your residence is your roller garage doors. In addition to being huge, they are also used on a regular basis come rain or shine. Therefore, it would be prudent to engage in roller door maintenance services from time to time to ensure that they stay in optimum working condition. A mistake some homeowners make is neglecting to hire roller door services as long as their garage doors are functioning. However, most of the problems that these doors experience tend to escalate gradually over time until your doors cease functioning altogether. The following are some of the maintenance tasks that go into a roller door service.

The hardware of the roller doors is tightened

Your roller doors contain a significant number of moving parts. With consistent use, these parts can become loose and even fall off if not remedied in time. Since every single movable part is crucial in the operation of your roller doors, it is essential to ensure that they are given a scheduled once-over by professional roller door technicians. Tightening of brackets, nuts and bolts will ensure that your roller doors stay in optimum working condition for longer.

The balance of the roller doors is tested

Since roller doors tend to be quite heavy, keeping them balanced is crucial. Imbalanced roller doors have to work harder to open and close. This increased exertion can shorten the lifespan of your roller doors and cause a myriad of problems. In addition to this, imbalanced roller doors will not close properly, which can lead to drafts penetrating your home. Professional technicians will test the balance of your roller doors to check whether they can hold their own weight when they are opening and closing. The balance test will also check whether the roller doors are aligned in the correct manner. Any discrepancies can be adjusted to ensure that the roller doors are properly balanced.

The rollers are inspected for damage

The rollers of your garage doors will typically be made either from nylon or from steel. Although these materials are sturdy, they are not immune to eventual wear and tear due to heavy usage. Operating your roller doors with cracked or chipped rollers puts your garage doors at risk of becoming detached from the cable system. This can pose a risk of serious injury if there is anyone in close proximity to the roller doors when this happens. Professional roller door services will ensure that any damaged roller brackets are replaced before they can succumb to further disrepair.