Key Benefits of Split Systems for Your Home

Split systems are air conditioning systems that comprise two main units. An exterior unit that shelters a majority of the components of the system such as the compressor coil, condenser, air filters, cooling coils and more. The interior unit functions to circulate the cool air that is being generated by the air conditioning system. There are a number of ways that split systems would be advantageous to your household when compared to other alternatives for cooling your home. The following are some of the key benefits you can enjoy by choosing split systems.

Split systems can decrease your residence's energy consumption

A little-known fact about air conditioning systems that are centralised is that they have a tendency to lose energy. This happens due to the heat exchange that occurs within the ductwork. Since split systems do not circulate the cool air using a network of ducts, you eliminate this energy loss. Split systems are also an ideal option for rooms in your home that have limited airflow such as the attic or the basement. By installing the interior units in these areas, you decrease heat retention, which in turn reduces thermal gain in your residence.

Split systems are simple to install

When you are investing in an air conditioning system, the installation costs can be quite high depending on the type of system that you choose. As aforementioned, split systems do not require any ductwork. Instead, all the HVAC contractors would have to do is create small holes in your walls. They will then proceed to pass through the wiring and copper tubing used to connect the exterior unit to interior units through these small passages. This takes up less labour than having to try to break down walls in an attempt to set up the system.

Split systems give you the option for climate control

Although the primary focus of split systems is to cool your household, this is not their only function. There are some units that come with additional heating features. Opting for a system that has both heating and cooling capabilities gives you the flexibility to control the overall climate of your home. This ensures efficient, year-round comfort, no matter the season.

Split systems are inaudible

Conventional air conditioning systems can be quite noisy due to various components. The most common culprits for loud air conditioning are the fans and condenser, especially if they are located within the home. An advantage of split systems is that these components are sheltered in the exterior unit. Therefore, you can cool your home relatively inaudibly, making it a great option for bedrooms and living rooms.

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