Assortment of Options When Selecting Caravan Awnings

Being a caravan owner gives you flexibility when it comes to taking your friends or family along for economical holidays. Nevertheless, no matter how large your caravan is, you still have to contend with limited floor space. If you would like to expand these cramped quarters, you should consider investing in a caravan awning. The awning is attached to the exterior of your caravan to provide you with much needed space to relax outside of your caravan, while still having some shelter from the elements. When purchasing an awning for your caravan, there are several considerations to make. These include the material the awning is made from, the poles you will use to support it, and whether or not you want to invest in a groundsheet. 

Full caravan awnings

These types of awnings look similar to a complete tent-like structure. They come in an array of materials such as canvas or vinyl. A full caravan awning will provide you with the most space when compared to other caravan awnings. Moreover, you have the option of selecting additional features for your full awning such as removable panels to create windows, compartmentalized sleeping cabins and more. As such, a full awning gives you the freedom to customize your caravan as much as you want.

Porch caravan awnings

These types of awnings are smaller in size to their full awning counterparts. They function to provide you an extra entertainment area outside of your caravan, just as a porch or a patio would for a regular residence. Porch awnings are also a convenient option if you will be caravanning during wet weather. This is because they will give you space to store wet clothes, muddy boots and even umbrellas rather than having to take these into the caravan with you. Porch awnings are also a great way to keep out gusts of wind and rain from hitting your caravan entrance directly.

Canopy caravan awnings

These types of awnings can be permanently affixed onto one side of the caravan or they can be used as a temporary structure. Once the canopy awning is in place, you will simply unfurl it to create a roof-like structure on the side of your caravan. Some canopy awnings come with removable fabric walls that can be attached to the structure to create an enclosure adjacent to your caravan.

For more information about these awning options and which is right for your caravan, contact a company like Wilfords Annexes.