5 Lock Ideas for the Homeowner

If you've recently purchased a home or you're looking to upgrade the security of your locking systems, have a look at these handy tips to ensure your family home is safe and secure. Security Door Lock If you're looking for high security on your front and back door but without the high price tag, the traditional double-cylinder dead bolt is one of the best options available on the market. For maximum protection, avoid the cheapest option from your local mass-produced hardware super store.

4 Common Culprits of Water Waste At Home (And How to Prevent Them)

According to a home water usage study, the toilet in an average Australian household wastes up to 60,000 litres of water per year. This is enough to fill a swimming pool and still leave some spare to wash the car. What's scarier still than these statistics is the fact that many households continue to use inefficient plumbing equipment or to practice poor water habits—habits that could lead to water being in scarce supply in the near future.

Five Ways Furniture Hire Can Benefit Your Office

Launching a new business can be hard, and if you want your business to stay viable, you need to watch where you put every cent. To help you save, consider hiring office furniture. Hiring furniture rather than buying it can help your office in a range of ways. Here is a look at a few of the benefits: 1. Lowered Demand On Working Capital Buying furniture can put a huge strain on your working capital.

Learn How To Add A Handprint Border To Your Child's Playroom Curtains

Canvas curtains are often great curtains to use in a playroom. They are very durable, come in a variety of lengths, and can often be tossed in the washer for quick and easy cleaning. If you have found an affordable set of canvas curtains to use in your child's playroom, consider giving the curtains some personality with the help of your little one. Use the following guide to learn how to make a handprint border on the top of your new canvas curtain panels.

5 Things You Need To Know About Termite Inspections

Termites, also called white ants, are found throughout Australia. These pests are every homeowner's nightmare, since they feed on wood. Termites can destroy your home if you don't discover the infestation in time, so you need to be vigilant. Here's what you need to know about termite inspections.  Why are termite inspections important? Termites are very common in Australia, but they're hard to spot before it's too late. When termites get into your house, they eat the wood from the inside out.

4 Tips for Keeping the Roof over Your Head in Perfect Condition

You work hard to keep a roof over your head, but do you ever give much thought to the condition of that roof? It just sits there on top of your house, sheltering you and keeping the elements out. Roofs are made to last, and you could live in a home for decades without problems, but when a small problem affects your roof, it can quickly become a large problem if not dealt with immediately.

Renovating Your Bathroom? Brighten Up Your Personal Space with Light Fixtures and Skylights

If a bathroom renovation is in your future, take some time to consider the type of lighting you'd like to have in your new personal space. The right lighting can make small bathrooms seem large and can create a sense of relaxation. It can even keep you from walking out the front door with your makeup on crooked or your hair in disarray. Just be sure that your choices are waterproof, are installed properly and are up to code.

Watch It! Have You Worn a Watch Lately?

Isn't it amazing that your smartphone has more computing power than what was used to land men on the moon in 1969? For all the remarkable things that most smartphones can do, we almost forget one of its most basic functions: time and date. The humble watch has somewhat fallen by the wayside now that most people simply glance at their phone's screen to check the time. There's something almost retro about still using a watch to tell the time, and yet the simple elegance of a beautiful watch means it's an accessory that shouldn't be allowed to gather dust in a drawer but should be taken out and worn proudly.

How to use pool chemicals safely

So you have invested in a home pool, but now you need to know how to keep it clean so that you, your family, and your guests can make the most of it. Pool chemicals are used to optimise the chemical balance of pool water, making it safe for swimming. Proper use of pool chemicals will help to create the perfect balance of calcium, alkaline and pH, but using these chemicals for the first time can be scary.

Successfully Replacing The String On Your Blinds

Often, the string mechanism of a set of blinds for your window will become entangled or broken, resulting in the inability to properly raise or lower the blinds. Surprisingly, some people choose to replace the whole set of blinds, but this is usually unnecessary. Follow these steps to source the problem, and set about replacing the string or mechanism. Identify The Problem Visually inspect the string of the blinds to ascertain the problem.

Winter Waterproofing Techniques You Should Know For Your Home And Garden

When you waterproof your basement, decking, or exterior siding you are likely doing it with rain and heat in mind. You actually need to waterproof these areas for winter-related weather as well. This is due water seeping into concrete or wood, turning to ice under extreme conditions, and cracking or damaging the material. If you need to waterproof areas of your home and garden, consider these winter waterproofing tips. Consider Rubber Seals for Basements and Decks

5 simple ways to add value to your house

If you're ready to move homes, you'll want to get the most money you can for your house. Here are five of the simple but sometimes overlooked ways of adding value to your house. 1. Freshen it up The easiest thing to do before marketing your house is to simply redecorate. Painting the house in neutral colours can help it to feel fresh while acting as a blank canvas for prospective buyers.

How to clean a shower screen

While shower screens are considered more hygienic than shower curtains, and they don't stick to you while you're showering, they can be very difficult to clean. Soon after fitting, like with ShowerFix, your shower screen will become water marked, and those stains are tough to move. Here are some tips on getting it looking beautiful and new again. Those water marks are caused by soap scum build up. So any chemical product that cleans limescale should work on your shower screen.

Thinking of Investing in Roller Blinds? See How Versatile They Can Be At Home or Work

If you're thinking of replacing your current window treatments, you might consider investing in roller blinds. Available for home and office use, these versatile window shades are worth a look. What Are Roller Blinds? Roller blinds are a solid window covering that is mounted on a metal or PVC pole. The blinds are pulled up or down using a side chain, light-weight rope or some sort of spring mechanism. Unlike slatted Venetian blinds, roller blinds are solid, offering more privacy.

How to Clean Rust Stains out of Your Carpet in 4 Simple Steps

Whether they're caused by toys, leaks, furniture, or radiators, rust stains are challenging to remove. However, you shouldn't assume those stains won't come out of your carpet. With a little bit of patience and some know-how you can easily remove those rust stains and get on with your day. Gathering Your Materials Before you start working on the stain, you need to make sure that it's completely dry. If you work on it while it's still wet, you'll just spread the stain around and make it bigger.

Things To Consider Before Hiring a Removalist

When you're moving house, you will need the services of a removalist, a professional moving company that is equipped to provide a number of services that no sane person would want to do on their own. But as you start to pack and get ready for the big move, here are some things to consider before hiring a removalist, like M.K.T. Removals Pty Ltd. AFRA certified The Australian Furniture Removers Association is the long form of the word AFRA, and it is a member organisation that requires certain criteria, including safety methods and furniture-moving education before it will confer membership to a removalist.

Water Features Can Help Your Garden During Drought Conditions

Australia is prone to prolonged periods without significant rainfall, leading to drought conditions. This doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful garden in your backyard; and in fact, having a water feature can help your flowers or vegetables grow during drought conditions, simply by adding moisture into the air surrounding your garden. Water Features Recycle Water Your first concern during a drought is that your water feature is using too much water leading to loss of the overall supply.

Attributes to Look for When Buying a Vacuum to Clean up After Your Pet

A pet is a treasured part of the family, but these beloved creatures can fill your home with hair, dirt and dander. However, with the right vacuum cleaner, you can easily enjoy a pet and a clean home at the same time. If you are in the market for a pet-friendly vacuum, here are some features to look for: Hand Tools and Extenders Hand tools and extenders let you vacuum the hard to reach spots that your pet gets into.

Choosing Budget Friendly Wedding Flowers

There's no denying it--the modern Australian wedding can be an expensive affair, and flowers are no exception. If you're on a tight wedding budget and looking for areas to economise on, there are several ways you can put together a budget-friendly wedding flower package that meets all your floral needs without going into debt. Let's look at some helpful tips for selecting wedding flowers without blowing your budget. Choose Seasonal Blooms

Four Signs that It's Time to Restump Your Home

Home restumping is a technique that is traditionally associated with a house that you move to a new foundation. It is also a technique that can be done on a home that you are currently living in. You may already know that the home has to be lifted off the foundation and current stumps, but you may not know what the signs are that indicate this procedure needs to happen. Here are four signs that it's time to restump your home.

Five Projects You Can Make with Old Window Screens

If you are getting new window screens, you don't have to throw out the old ones. Instead, you can re-purpose them into something fun. Here are five ideas to get you started: Jewelry Display Board To make an attractive display board for your jewelry, start with an old window frame. Decide which panes will be devoted to earrings and which to necklaces. Cut some old window screen from its frame and glue it to the back of the window frame so that it is positioned to cover the areas where you want to store earrings.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Shower Screen Hinges Without Harsh Chemicals

Chemical cleaners can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation and some contain ingredients that are known carcinogens. They may be effective, but more and more people are turning their back on chemical cleaners in favour of safer natural cleaning solutions. Cleaning stainless steel is often a concern when using natural cleaners as some are too abrasive and can cause damage. You may be able to get away with cleaning stainless steel appliances with just warm water and a little natural dishwashing liquid, but your shower screen hinges will require a more thorough solution as they are exposed to limescale, grease, soap scum, mildew and body hair.

3 Ways to Cut Down on Weeds This Summer

Although you might love having a lawn and a garden, you probably get tired of dealing with weeds during the summer months. Even if you don't feel like pulling weeds this season, you don't have to give up on having a beautiful lawn. Instead, you can follow these three tips for cutting down on the weeds that pop up on your property. 1. Use Mulch as Much as Possible One excellent way to cut down on weeds is to use mulch in as many places as possible.

3 Super-Affordable Flooring Options for Your Living Room

If your living room really needs new flooring, but you're short on funds, you could be putting off your project for as long as possible. Luckily, there are a few choices that you can look into that won't cost much at all. Try one of these three options; if you do, you can save money while still giving your living room a fresh look. 1. Secondhand Flooring One excellent way to get top-quality flooring for a fraction of the price is by buying it secondhand.

Recovering from a Home Break-In? Here's How a Locksmith Can Help

Few things can be as frightening as dealing with a home break-in. In the aftermath, it can be tough to make things feel like normal again, but there are a few ways that you can make you and your family feel safe again. First of all, it's a good idea to call out a good professional locksmith to help you restore your household to normal. These are just a few of the things that a locksmith can do to help make your home as secure as possible after it has been broken into.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Having a good air conditioning system to help you through the sweltering summer months is one of those things which can make all the difference between a blissful and luxurious time spent lounging about in your home, and the feeling that you've been imprisoned in a sauna by someone who hates you. Air conditioning units come in all formats, shapes and sizes. So what are some of the most common air conditioning systems to choose from, and how can they best be used?

3 Important Features to Look for When Buying a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors are great to have in homes because they allow light and air to come through, but they also prevent burglars from coming in. If you are looking for a security screen door to purchase for your home, you will find a lot of different ones to choose from. To get the best one, you should find one that has the following three important features. The Right Material

Guide to Buying Patio Doors

One of the most popular features of homes all over the world is patio doors. Why? Because patio doors provide easy and convenient access, while also creating interior spaces where natural light flows freely. Compared to old patio doors, that had huge issues with heat loss, poor security, and leakages, modern doors have several improvements. The frames and glass used is more efficient, and most doors have advanced locking mechanisms that provide better security.

A Few Ways Glaziers Can Decorate Your Glass Features

If you have a glass tabletop, large mirrors or windows that you don't actually look through, a glazier can turn them into a something add to the décor of your home. There are a few different techniques that can be used to produce different results when etching glass. Unless you have experience with them it is better to have a professional do it or you could ruin an expensive piece of glass.

What You Should Know About Asbestos Shingles

It wasn't that long ago that scientists discovered asbestos is a dangerous material. Prior to that, asbestos was part of many products that went into a home. Siding, flooring, insulation, cement and shingles are among many items made with asbestos. It was believed that asbestos would make them more durable and long lasting. Now it is clear that asbestos is dangerous. Due to the long-term nature of shingles, there are still asbestos shingles on houses today.

5 Delicious Uses for Cold-Hardy Cumquats

If you've been longing for a lime or a lemon tree in your home garden but are concerned that the regular frosts that your region experiences doesn't provide an ideal environment for these trees, you're probably smart -- even the lightest of frosts can have a significant negative impact on many types of citrus trees. However, this doesn't mean that you're doomed to never growing citrus in your garden -- consider the cumquat!

Cold Hard Facts | 3 Golden Rules of Ice Machines To Run A Successful Food Business

As the sweltering summer heat approaches, more and more people refresh themselves with thirst-quenching cool drinks. Foodservice providers must equip themselves with the right tools to maximise food and beverage sales during peak summer when nearly everyone is outdoors. An ice machine is highly popular in summer, as it generates ice quickly and helps foodservice operators save time and money – there's nothing worse than running out of ice in the middle of service.