Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Having a good air conditioning system to help you through the sweltering summer months is one of those things which can make all the difference between a blissful and luxurious time spent lounging about in your home, and the feeling that you've been imprisoned in a sauna by someone who hates you.

Air conditioning units come in all formats, shapes and sizes. So what are some of the most common air conditioning systems to choose from, and how can they best be used?

Stand-Alone Fans

Technically these aren't air conditioners at all. Air conditioners work by literally cooling down the air in the room through an elaborate filtration process (which also de-humidifies the air), while fans simply create air circulation and are ineffective at changing the overall room temperature. Nonetheless, fans can undoubtedly make you feel cooler and more comfortable when used in the right way.

There are many benefits to using portable fans, and the foremost of these is that they are cheap, and can be transported and set up with virtually no effort whatsoever. All you need to do is plug the unit into a power outlet. The simplest of air conditioning units will never be this straightforward.

The ideal situation to use a fan in is when you aren't aiming to cool down any significant portion of a room, but instead are just trying to create an immediate sense of relief for yourself in a specific corner of the home.

Window Air Conditioners

In the world of "proper air conditioners", the window air conditioner (in which the essential exhaust valves are directed into the great outdoors) is one of the most straightforward options on the market. These devices can generally be fitted in both single and double hung windows, and often come with accordion panels to secure them in place.

Window air conditioners rarely require any permanent installation, and are ideal for small rooms or for homeowners who don't want to build permanent exhaust pipes into their properties.

Built-In Air Conditioners

A built-in air conditioner is the heavy artillery of the air conditioning world. It requires that you create a hole through one of the exterior walls of your home in order for the intricate exhaust mechanism of the unit to expel hot air efficiently. These units tend to be large, effective, and permanent.

They are generally more efficient than the alternatives, as they benefit from a more airtight fitting. As built-in air conditioners rely on the creation of a hole through the external wall of a home, they can be fitted in any room which connects to an external wall. For rooms without windows, built-in air conditioners are the solution par excellence.

For a second opinion on which one will be the best for your home, consult with experts such as Point Nepean Air Conditioning & Heating before it starts to really heat up.