3 Super-Affordable Flooring Options for Your Living Room

If your living room really needs new flooring, but you're short on funds, you could be putting off your project for as long as possible. Luckily, there are a few choices that you can look into that won't cost much at all. Try one of these three options; if you do, you can save money while still giving your living room a fresh look.

1. Secondhand Flooring

One excellent way to get top-quality flooring for a fraction of the price is by buying it secondhand. Plus, buying flooring and reusing it is an excellent way to recycle, which is better for the environment than buying all new flooring.

There are a few secondhand flooring options that you can look into. Secondhand timber flooring can often be found quite easily and affordably, and it has often been refinished, which means that it looks like new. Even if you can't find used flooring that has been refinished, you can either enjoy the natural look or refinish it yourself.

There are other situations when you can find secondhand flooring as well. In some cases, you can buy vinyl flooring or carpet that has been removed from someone's home. One great way to find this flooring is to look in the local classifieds; some people replace their flooring just because they want a new look, and they often have good-quality flooring that they are willing to sell for a low price.

2. Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles

One of the main costs that can go along with installing new flooring is paying for the labour. You can obviously cut these costs by doing the job yourself, but you might feel intimidated by the idea of installing your own flooring, especially if you have never done it before. This is when peel and stick vinyl floor tiles can be a great option.

These floor tiles can be easily installed yourself, they include adhesive backing, like from Just Old Flooring, and you can press them down onto your floor and hold them down until they are secure. Not only can you save money by installing your own flooring, but you can also cut costs when buying this affordable flooring option. Although you might not think that vinyl flooring will work well in your living room, you might be surprised by the many styles that are available. In fact, you can even find vinyl floor tiles that have a wood-type print.

3. Painted Subflooring

If you really need to do something different about your flooring but don't have much money to spend at all, you can always consider painting your subflooring. After pulling up your existing flooring and any padding, use an electric sander to carefully sand it down; this will help prevent splinters. Then, apply a coat of primer to seal off your flooring, and add a coat of paint in your favourite colour. Although this might not be the best flooring option, it can be a good choice if you are really short on funds. Plus, you can always install different flooring on top of the paint when you have a little more money to spend.

As you can see, there are ways that you can fix up your flooring if you're short on cash. Try one of these options; you might be surprised by how nice your living room will look afterwards, and you won't have to worry about breaking your budget.