Five Projects You Can Make with Old Window Screens

If you are getting new window screens, you don't have to throw out the old ones. Instead, you can re-purpose them into something fun. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Jewelry Display Board

To make an attractive display board for your jewelry, start with an old window frame. Decide which panes will be devoted to earrings and which to necklaces. Cut some old window screen from its frame and glue it to the back of the window frame so that it is positioned to cover the areas where you want to store earrings. Then, hang earrings from the holes in the screen. To create panes for necklaces, simply attach hooks to the wood at the top of those panes and hang your necklaces from those hooks.

Painted Window Screens

Painting your old window screens is a great way to re-purpose them. For example, you can paint seasonal objects and display the screen on your front porch during a holiday. If you can't think of anything crafty to create with paint, save the screen to use as a paint filter. If you have old paint that is full of debris, pour it through the screen. Everything that gets through the filter is totally usable.

Beach Tote Bag

Old window screen is the perfect material for a beach tote bag. It keeps your stuff organised, and the material makes it easy to sift the sand out of your bag. To make a bag, cut the screen into a large rectangle. Then, fold the two outermost edges toward the centre of the screen and sew those edges together. Sew together the bottom edge of the screen to make the bottom of the bag. Use a roll of colourful lawn chair webbing to trim the tops and sides of the bag and create a protective layer around the screen edges.

Rustic Laundry Hamper

With some old scrap wood, some caster wheels and a bit of screen, you can make a nice mobile hamper for your laundry. Use the scrap wood to create a box-shaped frame and attach the caster wheels at the base for mobility. Finally, staple old screen along the wood frame. This gives your clothing basket a unique look and the screen allows dirty clothes to get some air.

Fishing Lure Display

If you are looking for a way to show off your favourite lures, all you need is a piece of old screen and a small frame. Simply attach the screen to the frame using staples or glue. Hang the frame on the wall and attach your lures to the screen.

If you haven't ordered new screens yet and you are eager to remove your old ones so that you can start crafting, contact a screen company today like Custom Screens and Security Products.