Choosing Budget Friendly Wedding Flowers

There's no denying it--the modern Australian wedding can be an expensive affair, and flowers are no exception. If you're on a tight wedding budget and looking for areas to economise on, there are several ways you can put together a budget-friendly wedding flower package that meets all your floral needs without going into debt.

Let's look at some helpful tips for selecting wedding flowers without blowing your budget.

Choose Seasonal Blooms

Selecting flowers that match the season of your wedding is a smart move both for your budget and your theme. As not all flowers grow naturally all year round, out of season hydroponically grown flowers will be a very costly option.

If you choose seasonal blooms at a time of abundance, you will ensure the cheapest price while reiterating the natural environment in your flower arrangements on your big day. Talk to your local florist about what flowers are in season, locally grown, cheap and readily available on your wedding date.

Be Creative

There's no need to settle for traditional bunches of roses for your wedding flowers. An arrangement needn't contain any flowers at all! Many modern brides are looking to current trends for a creative, contemporary bouquets, corsages and centrepieces. This year the trend is towards bunches of green foliage, succulents and edible arrangements that can be put together creatively to form a visually effective approach to wedding decorations.

A bouquet can be interspersed with feathers, vintage brooches and other non-floral feature pieces that can be rescued from second hand stores, grandma's jewellery box or donated by your bridesmaids for a highly personalised bouquet. Discuss your ideas with your trusted local florist to get the creative juices flowing.

Pack a Punch with Fragrant Flowers

If you can only afford a small selection of flowers for your centrepieces, go with super fragrant varieties. Highly perfumed flowers will fill the air with wafts of sweet scent and create the illusion of more flowers than there are. Choose freesias, jasmine, lily of the valley, peonies, heirloom roses and tuberoses for beautiful flowers with luscious aromas. Alternatively, intersperse flowers with intensely fragrant herbs, such as rosemary, lavender and mint. You may even help get the appetites worked up for the wedding feast!

Repurpose and Reuse

If you have some beautiful potted plants and flowers growing at home, consider using them in your ceremony or reception decoration. Or get instant centrepieces by having your bridesmaids place their bouquets in empty vases on each table at your reception.

Repurpose your ceremony flowers by having one of your trusted wedding staff or family members relocate the blooms to your reception location while the wedding party are off having photos taken. This way, you get more bang for your buck while not compromising on the quality.

Don't be afraid to shop around for wedding flower package quotes, and be open about your limited flower budget with your florist, like Floral Haven Florist. It will give them an opportunity to work with you and find the perfect budget-friendly flower solution for your magical day.