Things To Consider Before Hiring a Removalist

When you're moving house, you will need the services of a removalist, a professional moving company that is equipped to provide a number of services that no sane person would want to do on their own. But as you start to pack and get ready for the big move, here are some things to consider before hiring a removalist, like M.K.T. Removals Pty Ltd.

AFRA certified

The Australian Furniture Removers Association is the long form of the word AFRA, and it is a member organisation that requires certain criteria, including safety methods and furniture-moving education before it will confer membership to a removalist. By hiring an AFRA certified mover, you will have an additional layer of confidence that the mover you've hired is qualified and well-vetted. The AFRA is thorough in its process, extending its standards to the trucks removalists use to transport your furniture.

Replacement value insurance           

Make sure you hire a removalist who carries replacement value insurance and not just liability insurance, or you might end up having to pay the difference between what your home insurance covers (usually very limited), and what it will cost to replace or repair your damaged or lost furniture. Replacement cost insurance is coverage that will provide you the same kind of furniture that is lost or destroyed in today's prices. Some removalists only carry actual value coverage, which would provide coverage to replace your lost or destroyed item using today's cost minus depreciation, which means you would lose out. If a prospective removalist doesn't offer any kind of replacement cost insurance, and your homeowner's or rental insurance is limited, you will either have to buy a moving policy or find a removalist who carries that insurance.


If you're moving far away, you may want to look for a removalist who has mobile tracking capability so that you know exactly where the furniture trucks are in transit. Many removalists will provide you with real-time tracking that's accessible on a smartphone, laptop or desktop and can even send you text messages regarding the expected arrival time of your furniture.

In-home evaluation

One thing you definitely want in a removalist is an in-home evaluation, in which a removalist will visit your residence and make an estimate based on either the weight of your items or the number of hours he believes it will take to transport your furniture. In-home evaluations are the key to obtaining an accurate estimate, because a removalist who only quotes you on the phone or on the Internet without coming to your house, may end up charging you a lot more than the amount he quotes.