How to clean a shower screen

While shower screens are considered more hygienic than shower curtains, and they don't stick to you while you're showering, they can be very difficult to clean. Soon after fitting, like with ShowerFix, your shower screen will become water marked, and those stains are tough to move. Here are some tips on getting it looking beautiful and new again.

  • Those water marks are caused by soap scum build up. So any chemical product that cleans limescale should work on your shower screen. Give it a good scrub, an old shower scrub can be useful for this, and rinse.  
  • Another, kinder, option is to use one cup of fabric softener to one litre of warm water.  
  • If you want to avoid chemicals, try a strong vinegar and water solution instead of a chemical cleaner, although this can leave a strong smell.  
  • Or you can try baking soda. Wet your shower screen, and then use a cloth to spread on the baking soda. It will form a paste, simply rinse this off and your screen should be shiny and clean. This has the added bonus of getting rid of any bad smells.  
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach. These can do more harm than good and actually damage the glass of your screen, reducing its lifespan.  
  • If your screen has been dirty for a few months or more, there might not be much you can do about it. The soap scum will eventually eat into the glass, making those last marks impossible to remove. In this case, the best thing to do is to clean it, and then give it a spray of polish to hide the etched marks, or replace the screen and start again.  
  • An old toothbrush with your chosen chemical cleaner or natural cleaner can get rid of the mould and limescale along the edges and on the bottom.  
  • If there is any metal on your shower screen, a mixture of lemon juice and salt to form a paste (use one tablespoon of juice and two tablespoons of salt) can help to get rid of rust. Rub it into the rust, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse off.  
  • Once you have a clean shower screen, the best way to keep it clean is to use a squeegee after every shower to get rid of the water and residue soap. Try and get your whole family using it, and give the shower and screen a good scrub at least once a week.

Find the method that works best for you and you'll never have the problem of a dirty shower screen again.