How to use pool chemicals safely

So you have invested in a home pool, but now you need to know how to keep it clean so that you, your family, and your guests can make the most of it. Pool chemicals are used to optimise the chemical balance of pool water, making it safe for swimming. Proper use of pool chemicals will help to create the perfect balance of calcium, alkaline and pH, but using these chemicals for the first time can be scary. In order to use pool chemicals safely when cleaning your home pool, follow these tips:

Wear protective clothing. You don't need to buy any specialist clothing for when you handle pool chemicals, but it is a good idea to cover up in some kind of old clothing. Wear an old shirt with long sleeves that will protect your body completely, because if you get something like pure chlorine on your skin, an injury similar to frostbite can occur. It's also a good idea to wear old clothes, simply because these clothes could get damaged, and you probably don't want your best outfit to get ruined through pool maintenance.

Never allow chemicals to mix. You should never let pool chemicals mix with household chemicals or other pool chemicals. When two different kinds of chemical collide, this can create a chemical reaction, which could result in something like an explosion. This means that chemical bottles should always be labelled very clearly so that one chemical cannot be confused for another. And don't think that you are being green by reusing an old chemical bottle for a different chemical solution. The chance of the residue from the bottle colliding with the new chemical poses a great risk.

Don't use metal utensils. When you are cleaning a pool, you might have to measure chemicals out or hold chemicals in some kind of container. When doing this, never use metal utensils or containers--always stick to plastic, enamel, clay, glass or ceramic. The influence of metal on pool chemicals can affect the balance of the pool chemistry, meaning that your pool might not achieve a desirable level of cleanliness and the water could even be unsafe for swimming.

And, of course, you should always make sure that any pool chemicals are stored on high shelves so they are far out of the reach of children. Follow these pool safety tips as well as the manufacturer's instructions on your pool chemicals, and you should have no problems creating a safe swimming environment in your home. If you have questions as you go, contact a local professional, like Magic Pools Pty Ltd.