Renovating Your Bathroom? Brighten Up Your Personal Space with Light Fixtures and Skylights

If a bathroom renovation is in your future, take some time to consider the type of lighting you'd like to have in your new personal space. The right lighting can make small bathrooms seem large and can create a sense of relaxation. It can even keep you from walking out the front door with your makeup on crooked or your hair in disarray. Just be sure that your choices are waterproof, are installed properly and are up to code. If you aren't 100 percent sure of what you're doing, call a professional.

Sink and Mirror

Choosing the right lighting to shine on your bathroom vanity can make all the difference when it comes to applying makeup or shaving off that day-old beard. One popular lighting solution is to use lights similar to those on an actor's dressing table. The norm is to have a series of lights down either side, but in bathrooms it's also nice to have a row of lights across the top. Think about it. Most actors are seated when they put on their stage makeup. Chances are you'll be standing up, so there's more of a chance your face would be in shadows without that top light, especially if you are on the tall side.

One option is to use a row of lights along the top and then matching sconces on either side. In Victorian style bathrooms, sconces also work well with period chandeliers. If you wire them independently, you can have all the lights on at once or just select what you need. Another idea is to install a dimmer switch that increases or decreases the intensity of the lights. You can check your finished makeup under different light conditions or check for stray whiskers that escaped your razor.

Showers and Tubs

One of the new trends in shower lighting is the use of recessed light fixtures. These do have an advantage because they are a sealed light. All the components are within the fixture. This makes them waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Depending on the shower design, you could have these recessed lights along the sides or in the ceiling.

Tubs can also benefit from cleverly placed recessed lighting fixtures. Again, this depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. If you have room for a separate tub and shower, you could even consider installing a chandelier over the tub area. Period bathrooms would warrant a more traditional design, while a sleek contemporary layout would benefit from an all chrome fixture, tipped with LED lights.

Skylights and Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom is on the small side or has no windows, you might consider putting in a skylight. This will allow natural light in, making the room seem brighter even with the light off. This comes in handy during power cuts. Choose from clear or frosted glass. Most bathroom skylights are installed over the shower, tub or sink and counter areas.  

Take some time to work out the best lighting for your bathroom and take that renovation to a whole new level. Consult a professional, like Summit Bathrooms, for more information.