Successfully Replacing The String On Your Blinds

Often, the string mechanism of a set of blinds for your window will become entangled or broken, resulting in the inability to properly raise or lower the blinds. Surprisingly, some people choose to replace the whole set of blinds, but this is usually unnecessary. Follow these steps to source the problem, and set about replacing the string or mechanism.

Identify The Problem

Visually inspect the string of the blinds to ascertain the problem. If you are having difficulty doing this, locate an unbroken piece of string and follow it. In most blind systems, the string will go up to the top of the blinds, through a catch and along the hollow top of the blinds. From there, the string goes back down through holes in the blinds and is secured at the bottom section of the blinds.

Take Pictures

Taking good quality digital pictures of how the string connects all these parts is highly recommended. Doing this gives you a visual reference to check when you reattach new string. Measure how much new string you require by placing it over the blinds, following the route of the old string. It is always a good idea to measure more than you need, as the extra length can ultimately be cut to size once it is fed through the blind system.

Access The Top And Bottom Of The Blinds

You will need to be able to thread the string or cord through the whole system, and this will include through the hollow channel at the top and the connection at the bottom. Most blind systems, like from Sebastian's Carpet Court, are easy to get into, but if it it less obvious, consult your blind instructions or search online, inputting the brand and model.

Replace One String At A Time

It is easier if you remove one part of the old string and immediately thread in the new string. This allows you to replace the string exactly as it was. You can start replacing the string at the bottom or the top of the blinds--it makes no difference.

Use Tape If The String Is Worn

It is a good idea to use a small piece of masking tape to secure the end of the new string to the old string. You can then simply (and gently) pull the old string out, and the new string will thread through in its place. This is probably the longest part of the whole process, and will need a little patience to do. Once threaded through the blinds, secure into the bottom section. Make sure your knots are larger than the holes.

Adjust The String Length

Once done, you will have a length of string left. Simply cut to your preferred length, and attach a tassel for ease of use. Check the blinds open and close properly.