Learn How To Add A Handprint Border To Your Child's Playroom Curtains

Canvas curtains are often great curtains to use in a playroom. They are very durable, come in a variety of lengths, and can often be tossed in the washer for quick and easy cleaning. If you have found an affordable set of canvas curtains to use in your child's playroom, consider giving the curtains some personality with the help of your little one. Use the following guide to learn how to make a handprint border on the top of your new canvas curtain panels.

Wash Your Panels

While many curtain panels are preshrunk, not all are. It is best to wash and dry your curtain panels before attempting to paint them to ensure that they will not shrink the first time you wash them. If you paint the curtains and they do shrink, the images you created will become distorted and not look the way you wanted them to look.

Create a Guide

Lay one of the curtain panels on a flat surface. Use a ruler to measure from the top of the panel to the bottom of the ruler and make a mark. Move the ruler across the panel and make little marks as you go until you have marks all the way down the top of the panel. This ensures that your little handprints will create an even line across the top of the panel, and it eliminates the need for specific measurements.

Measure the Handprints

Measure your little one's hand to determine how wide it is. You then need to measure the curtain panel and determine how wide the panel is. Divide the width of the curtain panel by the width of your child's hand. This will tell you how many handprints you can fit on the panel if you place them right next to one another.

Make the Handprints

Cover the inside of your child's hand with fabric paint. Guide your child's hand down to the curtain, and make sure to place the bottom of their palm against the guideline you created. Gently press it against the fabric. Hold it in place for one to two seconds and then carefully peel it away from the fabric. Clean your child's hand with baby wipes and then repeat the process with the other colours you want to use to create the border. Repeat the process on all panels you want to hang in the room.

Allow the paint to dry on the panel overnight. This will ensure that the paint is fully dry and will not smudge when you go to hang the curtains. 

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