5 Lock Ideas for the Homeowner

If you've recently purchased a home or you're looking to upgrade the security of your locking systems, have a look at these handy tips to ensure your family home is safe and secure.

Security Door Lock

If you're looking for high security on your front and back door but without the high price tag, the traditional double-cylinder dead bolt is one of the best options available on the market. For maximum protection, avoid the cheapest option from your local mass-produced hardware super store.

Purchase a good quality dead bolt made by a reputable manufacturer with high grade materials. Look for a dead bolt with a throw—the length of metal that acts as the bolt—of at least an inch. You may have to spend a little more, but the added protection and longevity of the bolt are worth the investment.

Deadbolt Installation

Often it is a building contractor, local handyman or even a homeowner who installs a dead bolt. This is a big no-no. Although it seems like a straightforward job, it is easy to miscalculate or misalign components of the deadbolt during installation, rendering the dead bolt ineffective and potentially hazardous if you are not able to enter or exit your property with ease. Have professional locksmiths such as AXCESS LOCKSMITHS install your deadbolt to ensure that it is installed carefully for maximum protection and ease of use.

Window Locks

The right window lock for your home windows will depend on your window materials and your security needs. For timber window frames, you may want to choose a casement, awning, or sliding window fastener for extra protection. For aluminium framed windows, you may want to select a sliding, multi or plunger bolt with a keyed latch.

Window limiter hardware, that allow window opening restrictions, are an added form of protection particularly useful for families with young children to prevent falls. Speak to your locksmith or window lock supplier for a personalised recommendation of window lock solutions suitable to your residential needs.

Keys for Hired Help

Do you have a cleaner or babysitter come to your home regularly? If you are required to supply them with a key for entry, it is a good idea to give them a key that works on the door knob only. That way, on days that they visit, you can lock the knob only and leave the deadbolt unlocked, so they have full access to the home. On the other days, you have the added security of the deadbolt, and the peace of mind that the keyholders to your home are restricted to trusted family members only.

New House = New Locks

If you have recently purchased a new home, it is always a good idea to have all the locks rekeyed. This is a great way to start fresh, and ensure that there are no master keys floating around out there that allow strangers full access to your home. Contact local locksmiths for a reasonable quote and advice on rekeying your home.

Quality locks on your doors and windows that have been properly installed provide your family with reassuring safety and protection—a feeling that is worth much more than the costs of a professional locksmith and some well-made hardware.