Some Quick Kitchen Renovation Ideas When You're on a Budget

When you're on a budget, you may assume that a kitchen renovation is simply out of reach and that you need to live with your ugly, outdated kitchen. However, you can often have the kitchen of your dreams, or one that is very close to your dreams, without overspending if you do a bit of research and preparation beforehand. Note a few quick kitchen renovations ideas you might consider no matter how tight your budget.

1. Cabinets

You may think you need new cabinets, but if you remove the doors and drawer fronts, sand everything down, and then repaint or re-stain all the wood, you may be surprised at how great your cabinets and drawers look. If this still doesn't give your kitchen the updated style you want, consider just replacing the doors and drawer fronts alone, rather than getting entirely new cabinets. 

2. Countertops

Poured concrete can be painted or stamped to look like stone or even polished glass, and is much more affordable than other high-end materials. You might also find recycled glass for a glass countertop for much less money than new materials. Sheet metal can also be bent around your current countertops for an industrial, modern look. A granite overlay is a thin sheet of granite that is placed over your countertops and which is typically much cheaper than solid granite; you get the look of granite counters for much less money when you choose an overlay.

3. Floors

Laminate floors are a great option for when you're on a budget; they can look like real wood or stone and be very durable. If you must have a wood floor in your kitchen, look for recycled wood that can be cut down to the right size for floorboards. Poured concrete can also be used for flooring and made to look like any type of stone. 

4. Storage

You may want to add some storage with your kitchen renovation, but don't think that you need custom cabinets or shelves to do this. Consider knocking back an area in the wall between the wall studs and beams and lining this open area with drywall for recessed shelving. During your renovation, include an area for a pot rack in the middle of the kitchen ceiling to store your pots and pans for something more budget-friendly but still very accessible. If you need a place to store paperwork such as bills or the kid's homework in the kitchen, use chalkboard paint on one wall and hang things with magnets.