The Benefits and Drawbacks of Glue Traps for Mice

When you have mice in your house, you will need to set out traps in order to get rid of them. While there are many types of traps, glue traps are a popular choice. It is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks before deciding on this type of trap. 

Glue Traps Are Easy to Use

A great benefit to using glue traps for catching mice in your home is that they are easy and safe for anyone to use. You simply open the package and place them in an area where you have seen mice. The mice will then walk on the glue trap, which prevents them from moving. You check in on the trap later to choose how to dispose of the mouse. With snap traps, it is a little tricky and there is the risk of snapping your hands when setting it or placing it.

They Can be Inhumane

If your goal is to get the mice out of your house, but without harming them, then a glue trap is not the best option. While the mice won't die immediately, they can harm themselves if they try to break free. The glue has a very strong hold, preventing them from getting off the trap. You can also injure it by removing it yourself. These should be used if you want the mouse of the house and intend to exterminate the mouse by letting it die on the trap due to starvation. Your other option if you want to exterminate the mouse, but in a quicker manner, is to use a snap trap. 

The Traps Are Inexpensive

You will also save money by choosing glue traps over some of the alternatives. It is not uncommon to get glue traps where multiple traps are included in one package. This is a good thing since you can't usually use a glue trap more than once, as you need to dispose of the entire thing when it catches a mouse. However, some larger glue traps might be ale to capture more than one mouse before you dispose of it. Compare this to live traps, which are considerably more expensive and a little trickier to trap mice in.

The Glue Used May be Dangerous

While many people use glue traps because they aren't as dangerous as snap traps when children and pets are concerned, that doesn't make then danger-free. You need to be careful about the type of glue used with these traps. It is possible that the glue is toxic to animals if they mess around with the trap, as well as your children. It is still important to keep these in inconspicuous areas where they can't get to them.

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