Choosing the best kind of safety screen door for your home

Safety screen doors are excellent options if you want to improve the security of your home while keeping insects and other pests out. It's possible to combine safety doors with flyscreens by buying two separate doors, but if you wish to use a more economical option, a safety screen door can fulfill the purpose of both those kinds of doors. To choose a safety screen door that will suit your purposes best, there are a few things you should think about.

The frame

The first thing you need to consider is the frame to your safety screen door. Safety doors are in general made from steel or aluminium, and screen doors are no exceptions. Steel is safer, as it's harder to bend or penetrate than aluminium. It does, however, come with more maintenance, as you need to seal it regularly to protect it against corrosion. Aluminium doesn't rust. This also means that aluminium is cheaper than steel, as the running costs are smaller for aluminium than steel. You should also make sure that the frame for your safety screen door is equipped with a deep receiver channel where the infill is mounted, as this makes it much more difficult for intruders to push the infill out of place.

Types of infill

For the infill of your door, there are a few different types you can choose from. Mesh is one of the most common types for flyscreens and it can also be used on safety screen doors. However, it's not very effective if you've opted for frames without a deep receiver channel. You can also opt for bars, which makes the door secure against intruders, but less so for pests and insects. Another option is perforated sheet metal, which is a good option against all kinds of intruders. Just make sure the holes are small enough to keep even the smallest insects out.

Material for infill

You also need to choose what material you want for your infill. If you're opting for bars or mesh, then steel is far more secure, as the hardness of the material makes it difficult for burglars to cut or saw the infill in order to get into the house. Aluminium mesh can be used, but mostly fulfils the purpose of looking secure rather than actually being secure. For perforated sheet metal, both materials can be used, as a door like that has to be penetrated rather than cut. Steel is still more difficult to get through, but the procedure of penetrating metal is complicated regardless of what type of metal is being used. 

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