5 Easy-care Flowering Plants you can Plant inside your House

If you'd love to have a little flower garden but can't, don't worry, planting flowers indoors can be just as rewarding. There are many indoor plant options that will revamp you décor and allow you to enjoy the pleasure that brightly blooming flowers and cleaner air brings. Breathe life into your indoors with your favourites from this list of plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

1. Geraniums

There are geranium species that look just as bright and vibrant indoors as they do in a garden, like ivy geraniums. Choose geraniums with sturdy stems and without discoloured leaves when buying. Put pebbles at the bottom of a pot with draining holes to prevent roots from rotting. Geraniums thrive better if soil is allowed to dry out completely before watering again, so water less frequently. Place in bright, direct sunlight for more bloom.

2. African violets

These are no-fuss flowering indoor plants that produce white, pale pink or purple flowers all-year-round. There are tons of species to select from. You can use all-purpose potting soil mix if you can't find specific African violet potting mix near you. Keep the soil wet, but avoid getting water onto the leaves. African violets thrive best in medium, indirect light and warm weather conditions.

3. Phalaenopsis orchids

Orchids have a classic look, with large, white or pink flowers that add to the sophistication and elegance of any room. There are many orchid species; you can ask your florist to recommend which ones will grow best where you are. Pot the plant with a pine bark mix for firm, healthy roots. Water weekly with a few ice cubes. Most orchids favour bright but indirect light, and humid soils.

4. Wandering Jew

This is a trailing houseplant with striped purple, silver, green and/or white leaves that will infuse bright colour into your space. Grow the plant in a hanging or floor-standing pot in a warm room with direct sunlight; brighter sunlight makes the leaves more colourful. You should water completely and allow to dry before doing it again. In winter you can water less frequently as the plant goes into a resting phase.

5. Jasmine

You'll love this plant, not just for its bright pink, white or orange flowers and ridiculously easy maintenance, but for the fragrance it will bring into your space nightly. Modify soil with organic materials like coir and bark to improve porosity, and ensure the mixture stays moist. In winter, reduce exposure to direct light. Set outdoors for a period in the summer and autumn for better thriving. Jasmines are vining plants, so you can plant and train them to make beautiful indoor topiaries.