What to Know Before You Order Timber Plantation Shutters

Shutters can be a great choice for any home; they take up less space than curtains and can be easier to operate than blinds. They also won't clash with the fabric of your furniture as patterned curtains often do. When you're ready to order timber plantation shutters, you might get a little overwhelmed with all your choices and options, and the words and terms you see. Note a few things to keep in mind so you know you make the right choice.


This refers to how much of the window the shutters will occupy and how they will sit inside the windows. For example, full shutters open as one panel; they are installed on a hinge so that you can actually swing them inside the room and have the windows completely unencumbered. Café shutters fit in just the lower half of the windows. These offer some privacy while keeping the upper part of the windows open for light. Double hung shutters are in two parts; the top and bottom are both on separate hinges. You can close both for maximum privacy or just open one half as needed. Double hung shutters will have a divider rail, although this rail can often be included in full shutters. This is a rail that allows to you to open the bottom and lower halves of the shutter slats separately. This too can mean maximum options for how you want to control light in the home.


Shutters need a frame to keep them in place, and you have some options here. A simple L frame will be very compact but still be visible, giving your shutters some style, whereas a hinge only frame is just that; it's a hinge that sits inside the window frame. If your windows already have a very thick and decorative frame, you probably want simple hinges so they don't interfere with that look.

Slat and tilting

Choose oversized slats for larger shutters, as small slats on small shutters can look very busy. Note too how the slats are tilted. A tilt bar down the middle can look somewhat busy and cut off your view, whereas a hidden tilt bar can mean a cleaner, more modern look to your timber shutters. A tilt bar to one side can also open up the view through the shutters. Consider if a middle tilt bar might overwhelm the look of your shutters and make them look busy, or if you prefer the more traditional look of that middle bar.