Reasons Why You Need Shade Sails For Your Kindergarten

Do you own a kindergarten or you are part of the school's board of trustees or administrators? One great way of exercising your responsibility of taking care of the little ones' welfare is by offering a safe environment for them to play. Since the playgrounds are usually outdoors, you may find it necessary to provide shades. Investing in shade sails is an excellent way to do this. Here are some of the reasons why you need shade sails in your kindergarten.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

One of the major ways shade sails are important is that they help protect the kids against harmful UV rays from the sun. At their tender age, kindergarten kids are vulnerable to sun exposure. This is because they may not understand the potential risks of being exposed to the sun for too long. In addition, since they are still at a developing age, they lie at a higher risk of being affected easily by the harmful UV rays. For instance, too much exposure on the sun can lead to sunburns among the kids, which may increase the risk of developing skin cancer later on in their lives. Therefore, a shade sail will help protect the little ones from these harmful rays.

Extra Ventilation

When installed properly, shade sails can offer extra cooling and ventilation at the playgrounds. This is because most shade sails are usually made of semi-permeable or knitted fabric that contains a lot of tiny mesh holes. These holes allow air to flow freely through the fabric. Free airflow allows for circulation of cool air, which often lowers the temperature in the shaded area, thereby creating cooler play areas for the kids.

During the high summer temperatures, learning in hot classrooms can be uncomfortable. Therefore, the extra ventilation of shade sails will create the perfect outdoor learning space where the kids can concentrate better on their work.

Easy Installation and Dismantling

Shade sails have a semi-permanence nature that offers high versatility in terms of usage. They can be easily installed and dismantled. Therefore, if there is no need for the shade sails, for instance during a storm, they can be dismantled easily and set up again when necessary.

Protecting the kids from the elements while they are playing is a great way of keeping them healthy. In order to enjoy the benefits of shade sails, you need to be keen when choosing one. Pay attention to things such as fabric quality, stitching and fittings, and the UV rating.