How to Prepare the Workplace For Renovations

If you have an outdated building, you might be interested in having it renovated. Whether you are simply painting the exterior or are making major renovations, it helps to get the workplace prepared for it first. Here are some things you should do before you start renovations. Renovate One Area at a Time When you are planning on a larger renovation, you can't very well shut down business for weeks or months while it is being completed.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Glue Traps for Mice

When you have mice in your house, you will need to set out traps in order to get rid of them. While there are many types of traps, glue traps are a popular choice. It is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks before deciding on this type of trap.  Glue Traps Are Easy to Use A great benefit to using glue traps for catching mice in your home is that they are easy and safe for anyone to use.

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for and Survive a House Fire

If you and your family ever find yourselves caught in a house fire, the most important priority is to survive—you can make this much more probable by following a few simple tips to get prepared. Remember, it can happen to you, so be ready. Create an Escape Plan and Meeting Area Even if it seems silly, one of the smartest ways to prepare for a house fire is to create an escape plan with your family.

How to Make a Concrete Table

When you consider the materials for creating furniture, concrete is probably the last thing you would think of. However, before you can overlook concrete furniture as a bizarre idea, you will be surprised to hear that they are actually functional and elegant. Here is a step-by-step approach for DIY enthusiasts on how to build a concrete table. Tools and supplies: Orbital sander Drill Circular saw Small shovel Concrete trowel Bolt cutters Chisel or flathead screwdriver Sanding Block featuring 100 grit sandpaper Bags of concrete A bag of Cement Melamine wood 100% Silicone Caulk Wire mesh Rubber gloves Empty Tub Procedure:

5 Lock Ideas for the Homeowner

If you've recently purchased a home or you're looking to upgrade the security of your locking systems, have a look at these handy tips to ensure your family home is safe and secure. Security Door Lock If you're looking for high security on your front and back door but without the high price tag, the traditional double-cylinder dead bolt is one of the best options available on the market. For maximum protection, avoid the cheapest option from your local mass-produced hardware super store.

Successfully Replacing The String On Your Blinds

Often, the string mechanism of a set of blinds for your window will become entangled or broken, resulting in the inability to properly raise or lower the blinds. Surprisingly, some people choose to replace the whole set of blinds, but this is usually unnecessary. Follow these steps to source the problem, and set about replacing the string or mechanism. Identify The Problem Visually inspect the string of the blinds to ascertain the problem.

How to Clean Rust Stains out of Your Carpet in 4 Simple Steps

Whether they're caused by toys, leaks, furniture, or radiators, rust stains are challenging to remove. However, you shouldn't assume those stains won't come out of your carpet. With a little bit of patience and some know-how you can easily remove those rust stains and get on with your day. Gathering Your Materials Before you start working on the stain, you need to make sure that it's completely dry. If you work on it while it's still wet, you'll just spread the stain around and make it bigger.

Cold Hard Facts | 3 Golden Rules of Ice Machines To Run A Successful Food Business

As the sweltering summer heat approaches, more and more people refresh themselves with thirst-quenching cool drinks. Foodservice providers must equip themselves with the right tools to maximise food and beverage sales during peak summer when nearly everyone is outdoors. An ice machine is highly popular in summer, as it generates ice quickly and helps foodservice operators save time and money – there's nothing worse than running out of ice in the middle of service.